On 7th of November I spoke at the first Women in Agile Europe conference in Badhoevedorp, my home town! My workshop was about the 7 types of Agile coaches and I was happy to see that 39 women (from all over the world) were interested in my topic.

Together we elaborated on the differences between Agile Coaches and the difficulties and value it brings when forming a team of Agile Coaches. The 7 different types are based upon my experiences in coach teams in the last 5 years. With the funny pictures people do immediately recognized the different types. We spoke about how to value the differences between coaches. Every coach is different  and the ones which are most opposite to you are probably the ones you can learn most of.

Interactive excercises

In interactive exercises they learned more about the qualities and pittfals of each type and which 2 types they recognized most in themselves. By sharing this, the participants got a deeper understanding of their own strengths, pittfalls and how to become most effective in a transformation.

Another exercise was to form a coach team with a random set of types. this started a lively discussion about how to get this team in high performing modus and which coach will best fit in which phase or situation in an Agile transformation.

Thank you!

We had a great day and learned a lot. Together with Roos Tji, we celebrated that we got the opportunity to be a speaker. Great fun! Thanks to the organizers Mary Beijleveld, Julya van Berkel, Evelien Roos, Harry Nieboer and all the participants who made this day so special!

Do you also want a workshop about the 7 type of Agile Coaches? Please contact me!