Als je graag wilt doen in plaats van erover praten, dan heb ik praktische werkvormen voor je waarmee je kunt experimenteren. Denk aan spelvormen, werkvormen en tools die jou kunnen ondersteunen bij je transformatie traject of die je gewoon wilt gebruiken in je team voor fun.

7 type Agile Coaches

Become aware of the different type of Agile coaches, learn to appreciate the differences and how you can combine the strengths of each type into a high performing coach team. Use them for intake of new Agile Coaches or as a feedback tool to get to know each other better. The beautifully designed cards are available as a gift in a tin box. You can order via the form below for 15 euros excl. VAT and excl. Shipping. Be aware: Cards will be delivered in January 2020!
The cards can also be downloaded for free.

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